Feeling The Crunch: Car Microchip Shortage Continues

July 8th, 2021 by

Where Are The Chips?

That is the hot-button question that has been asked for the past several months, as an international microchip shortage continues plaguing automotive dealerships and manufacturers alike. The staff at Portsmouth Ford has been closely monitoring the situation and wants to ensure our customers understand just what is happening. The issue first arose in the tail end of 2020, due to consumers purchasing vast quantities of electronic devices in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and chipmakers struggling to keep up with the expanding demand. The automotive industry began feeling the squeeze at the beginning of this year, as factories and plants began to reopen but with limited access to chips that power a vehicle’s entertainment and engine systems. As a result, many manufacturers, Ford included, are temporarily pausing production on new vehicles, and even plants are being idled until a steady supply of chips is found.

“Ford has taken to building F-150s without the missing microchips and holding them in lots until the chips can be sourced and installed and the trucks sent to dealerships.” – Car and Driver article

How It Affects You

Here at Portsmouth Ford, it is our goal that our customers are fully aware of the ongoing chip shortage. While our inventory is still heavily stocked with exhilarating Ford truck, crossover, and SUV models, it is possible that we may experience delays with getting new vehicles shipped to our location.* Therefore, we fully encourage you to remain in contact with our experienced team about issues or obstacles that could hinder the arrival of your desired new Ford model. We are also continuing our watch over the microchip shortage and be ready to address your questions, as well as provide updates on the situation as soon as we have them. Stay in touch with Portsmouth Ford and be in the know today!

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