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Environmental benefits aside, EVs offer a glimpse into a future of quiet, powerful, efficient driving and, most importantly, EV affordability. But let’s face it: the initial cost of an EV can be a hurdle for many drivers. Here at Portsmouth Ford, we understand that EV affordability is a prime factor when pondering a new vehicle. The good news is that EVs can be surprisingly budget-friendly, especially when you factor in the long-term savings they offer. Ready to explore the wondrous benefits of EV affordability? Follow along to learn more about EV cost savings and start browsing our Ford EVs!

NH EV Tax Credit

EV Ownership: A Cost-Conscious Choice

EV affordability goes far beyond the charge. Besides the initial purchase price, traditional gas-powered vehicles come with ongoing expenses that quickly add up. Filling up at the pump can be a major budget drain, especially with today’s volatile gas prices. EVs, on the other hand, run on electricity, which can be significantly cheaper than gasoline. Enjoy the freedom of fueling your car overnight at a fraction of the cost of a gas station fill-up. Plus, regular maintenance on EVs is generally simpler and less frequent compared to gasoline engines. EVs have fewer moving parts, meaning fewer potential problems and reduced repair costs down the road.

Unlocking Additional Savings: The Federal EV Tax Credit

The U.S. government offers a significant federal tax credit to propel the purchase of electric vehicles and enhance EV affordability, making the Ford EV tax credit even more enticing. New electric vehicles come with a hidden perk: a federal tax credit worth up to $7,500. The exact amount of the credit depends on the battery capacity of the specific EV model you choose. While New Hampshire doesn’t currently offer a statewide NH EV tax credit, there are still excellent ways to save on your new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. For instance, the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op offers generous rebates to its members: a $1,000 rebate for buying or leasing a new EV and a $600 rebate for purchasing or leasing a new plug-in hybrid vehicle.* Our friendly team can help you navigate the details of EV affordability and tax credits to ensure you’re getting the most out of this valuable incentive.

EV Costs Savings

Ford’s Diverse Lineup: Options for Every Budget

The beauty of the EV revolution is that it offers a variety of EV affordability choices to fit your needs and budget. Ford, a leader in automotive innovation, boasts a diverse lineup of electric and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles that come with plenty of EV affordability advantages. PHEVs offer the best of both worlds, combining an efficient electric motor with a traditional gas engine powertrain. This allows for extended-range anxiety-free driving, perfect for those who may not have convenient access to charging stations or require the flexibility of longer road trips. For the truly eco-conscious driver, Ford offers several compelling fully electric options. The iconic Ford Mustang Mach-E electrifies the legendary muscle car you know and love, offering exhilarating performance with a spacious, stylish interior. For the hard workers, the versatile Ford F-150 Lightning redefines the classic Built Ford Tough® pickup truck, delivering power and capability without sacrificing efficiency. For those seeking a practical and efficient everyday companion, the Ford Escape hybrid provides exceptional fuel economy and a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Making the Change

At Portsmouth Ford, we’re committed to helping you navigate the exciting world of electric vehicles and the benefits of EV affordability. We look forward to answering all your questions about EV ownership, charging infrastructure, and available federal and state incentives. We encourage you to visit our showroom and test drive one of Ford’s electric and PHEV models. Experience the thrill of electric driving firsthand and discover just how affordable and convenient electric driving can be. Begin browsing our selection of electrified Fords and find your perfect fit by scheduling a test drive today!



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