Galloping Through The Generations: The Ford Mustang Legacy

June 20th, 2019 by

Ford Mustang history began on April 17, 1964, with the first car being sold for just $2,368. While Ford only forecasted the first year’s sales to be 100,000 units, they saw 22,000 requests the first day alone! It was quickly off to the races! No pun intended. The 1964 Mustang was the official pace car for the famed Indianapolis Indy 500. Shortly thereafter, the Mustang made its big-screen debut in Goldfinger, a James Bond film. The sporty white convertible was driven by a beautiful assassin while being chased by Sean Connery in the Swiss Alps. This was the beginning of an icon in American motor and film history, and the Ford Mustang continues to appear on the silver screen today. Portsmouth Ford invites you to drive one of these legendary cars today!

In 1965, the first Shelby-made Mustang raced onto the American sports car scene. This magnificent car was not only nice to look at, but it was FAST! Featuring a 289-cubic-inch modified K-Code engine capable of 306 horsepower, this lightweight car could move! Two years later, the Shelby Mustang GT500 came on the scene, with Carroll Shelby saying it was the “first car I’m really proud of.” The 1970’s saw the return of V8 power as well as the Cobra II, which was designed to be evocative of the Shelby. In 1980, the 20th anniversary of the now undeniably all American Ford Mustang, and a commemorative Mustang GT with a V8 engine, was introduced. The 90’s introduced the limited-production Mustang Cobra, and as Ford changed with the times, the 21st century ushered in more horsepower and reimagined designs. The new powerful Coyote engine arrived in 2011. The staff at your Ford dealership in Portsmouth, NH will educate you on the fine attributes of the Ford Mustang and put you in the drivers’ seat of your very own today!

Throughout the last 55 years, consumers have enjoyed the Ford Mustang for its classic style and ever-evolving power and technology. Later this year, the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is going to race onto the market with the most powerful Ford-produced engine ever. This stunning vehicle will have a mid 3- second 0-to-60 mph capability. The new and exciting body design is aerodynamic and is a classic example of the form and function of the Ford Mustang. Don’t miss out on being a part of Ford Mustang history. Visit us at Portsmouth Ford and make history of your own!