Ford Opens Robotics Complex In Michigan

April 21st, 2021 by

Man Meets Machine

The Ford Motor Company has long been renowned for keeping a close eye on the future, which is why it’s completely reasonable for it to advance into the industry of robotics. A recent press release announced that the Blue Oval brand partnered with the brilliant minds at the University of Michigan to open the cutting-edge 13,400 sq.-ft. Ford Robotics Building, which the team at Portsmouth Ford is very excited about. According to the press release, the four-story complex cost a staggering $75 million and was created to “emphasize how robotics can create a more equitable society.” This will be achieved through collaboration with Ford roboticists, such as autonomous vehicle researchers, and underserved university students with an interest in the field.

“The building will bring together a broad range of educational disciplines to drive the field toward a future that puts people, rather than technology, first.” – Ford press release

Paving the Future

The press release states that classrooms with remote capabilities have already been set up within the expansive Ford Robotics Building, along with transparent glass-wall laboratories for visitors to look into while the experiments are being conducted. The Ford roboticists are housed on the building’s fourth floor, where they coordinate with University of Michigan researchers on projects involving disaster response, artificial intelligence, and even higher levels of off-road exploration capabilities. Other initiatives include advanced drone research, prosthetics, testing “legged” machines, and even self-driving automobiles!

“As Ford continues the most profound transformation in our history with electrification, connectivity, and automation, advancing our collaboration with the University of Michigan will help us accelerate superior experiences for our customers while modernizing our business.” – Ken Washington, Chief Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company

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Here at Portsmouth Ford, we are beyond eager to discover all that we can about the revolutionary Ford Robotics Building and support the Blue Oval brand in this excellent endeavor. Don’t forget, you are welcome to contact our staff with any questions you have about the facility and what it means for the future of Ford models.