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Cruising into the electrified world? Buckle up, because Ford EVs offer a range of convenient charging solutions to keep your journey smooth and seamless. Unlike gas stations, EV charging options come in various flavors, each catering to your specific needs. Whether you’re plugging in at home or seeking a quick charge on the go, Portsmouth Ford has you covered. Let’s explore the exciting world of EV charging options, then come visit our dealership to test a Built Ford Tough® EV today!

Portsmouth NH EV Charging Stations

Types of EV Chargers

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach of gas stations. EV chargers vary in power output, voltage, and charging times. Here’s a breakdown of the three main types of EV charging options:

Level 1: In this case, slow and steady wins the race. This EV charging option utilizes your standard 120-volt AC outlet, taking around 40-50 hours for an 80% charge on your battery EV. PHEVs fare better, reaching 80% in 5-6 hours. Ideal for overnight charging or topping off while parked.

Level 2: Found in homes, workplaces, and public spaces, Level 2 chargers offer a boost with 208-240-volt AC, charging your EV to 80% in about 4-10 hours. PHEVs get a shot of energy in just 1-2 hours with Level 2 chargers, perfect for daily charging and convenient public access.

Direct Current Fast Charging: Need a quick refuel on the go? DCFC stations located along highways and public areas deliver the power you crave and are the quickest solution for EV charging options. Expect an 80% charge within 20-60 minutes using 400-1000-volt DC. While PHEVs typically miss out on this option, battery EVs can enjoy the rapid charge.

Hit the Road with Confidence

Having a Ford EV connects you to a network of public Ford EV charging options. The BlueOval™ Charge Network is the largest public charging network, boasting 106,000 stations across North America, ensuring you’re never far from a power source. Out of those charging stations, there are currently 10,200 BlueOval™ Charge Network DC Fast Chargers in North America, which is still growing. The best part? If you own a Ford EV, you have access to the network for life with no additional annual fee. Use your FordPass® app to locate Portsmouth, NH, EV charging stations or nearby stations on your next road trip!

Ford EV Charging Options

Charge Up Your Home Base

For ultimate convenience, consider installing the most convenient of the EV charging options: a home EV charging station. Charge overnight, wake up to a full battery, and easily conquer your commute. We recommend the Ford Charge Station Pro Level 2, which is ideally suited for the Ford F-150 Lightning. This powerhouse delivers 80 amps of on-demand power, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capabilities, and seamless compatibility with your Ford F-150 Lightning. Other options include the Level 1 and 2-compatible Ford Mobile Power Cord for the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Ford Connected Charge Station, which charges 27 miles per hour to a Ford Mustang Mach-E . There are plenty of benefits that come with Ford EV charging options. Ford EV chargers work with a variety of EVs, even if they are not a Ford model. There are also expert technicians who specialize in setting up home charging stations, so you can experience the ultimate convenience of being charged up and ready to go.

Find Your Perfect Match

Ready to electrify your life with a range of EV charging options? Visit Portsmouth Ford and explore our diverse selection of Built Ford Tough® EVs. From the Ford Mustang Mach-E’s exhilarating performance to the Ford F-150 Lightning’s versatile power, we have the perfect EV to match your lifestyle. Take a test drive today and experience the future of driving!



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