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The electric revolution is in high gear, and Portsmouth Ford is your trusted navigator on this exciting journey. Forget gas stations and tailpipe emissions—Ford EVs offer an impressive Ford EV range and innovative battery technology, empowering you to conquer your journeys with freedom and sustainability. Let’s ditch the doubts, dive into the electrifying world of Ford EV range, and visit Portsmouth Ford to test drive one of our innovative, electrified Ford models today!

Go Further, Do More: Explore Ford’s EV Range

No two adventures are alike, and Ford fully understands that. That’s why they offer a diverse lineup of EVs and Hybrid vehicle options, each delivering a different Ford EV range tailored to your specific needs. Though the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is not a fully electric vehicle, you get the best of both worlds with ultimate efficiency. Let’s dive into each below and see which model is best suited for your daily commutes.

Ford F-150 Lightning: Unleash the versatility of America’s favorite truck with two battery options. The Standard Range battery boasts an electrifying EPA-estimated range of 240 miles, ideal for conquering cityscapes and work sites. Opt for the Extended Range battery and unlock a jaw-dropping Ford EV range of 320 miles—enough to handle any adventure your spirit craves.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: This head-turning SUV seamlessly blends thrilling performance with impressive range. Choose the Standard Range for daily commutes with an EPA-estimated 250 miles, or go the distance with the Extended Range battery, offering up to 320 miles on select models. Seeking an efficient escape with zero compromises or roadblocks? The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT delivers 280 miles, ensuring your electric escapades never run out of spark.

Ford E-Transit: Get ready to revolutionize your workday with the versatile Ford E-Transit. The standard range empowers you to tackle urban deliveries and short trips with ease, offering an EPA-estimated 126 miles on the Ford E-Transit Cargo Van Low Roof models. Need more space? The Ford E-Transit Cargo Van Medium Roof boasts a projected 116 miles, while the Ford E-Transit High Roof model offers an EPA-estimated 108-mile Ford EV range.

Ford EV Range

As you can see, these three models all give you different levels of Ford EV range. Depending on how frequently you commute, the length of your commute, and what you use your vehicle for will sway your decision. If you’re having trouble figuring out which Ford EV range is best suited for your lifestyle, speak with our experts!

Built to Last: Understanding Ford EV Battery Life

Ford EV Range is just one piece of the puzzle. At Portsmouth Ford, we understand that long-lasting, reliable battery life is crucial for your peace of mind. That’s why Ford EVs utilize cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology, renowned for its efficiency and extended lifespan. If you’re wondering how long EVs last, data shows that many previous Ford EV models exceeded 100,000 miles on the original battery. This isn’t just about impressive numbers; it’s about the freedom to plan road trips without range anxiety, and confidence in years of reliable commutes. Imagine embarking on epic adventures and tackling your daily grind with the unwavering power of Ford’s innovative battery technology.

How Long Do EVs Last

Ready to Plug Into the Future?

At Portsmouth Ford, we believe the electric future is within reach. With Ford’s EV range, cutting-edge battery technology, and diverse lineup of electrified vehicles, there’s no better time to join the sustainable revolution. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions, demonstrate the capabilities of our EVs, and help you find the perfect model for your lifestyle. Visit Portsmouth Ford today, test drive your dream Ford EV, and experience the freedom of electric driving firsthand. Let’s leave Ford EV range anxiety in the dust and power up towards a brighter, more sustainable future together!



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